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The New Unicorn Start-up | Club House

To describe the new social networking site the Club House in simple words it’s ‘VIRTUAL ELITISM’. And that’s because you can’t just install and join the conversations through app, you need to get invited to join the house. And every person who is already gotten an invite gets to invite only two others. After joining you can select your topic of interests and the app will recommend conversation rooms and chats of your liking. These conversation rooms are much like a phone call where few people are talking or one person is talking and most of them join to listen to what they got to say.

Club House is a very unique app in today’s times where privacy is a big concern, you can only add the people that you think should be part of the conversation and will understand the contents of the information being shared. It is currently available in 154 countries. This app was there since March 2020 but it became a hit after Elon Musk hosted a audio chat with CEO Vlad Tenev and so many people joined the chat room that it maxed out the room limit and was live streamed on YouTube. Can you believe that the membership for the App is so much in demand now that the invites are being sold on platforms like Craigslist, eBay, Reedit.

This app plays a very crucial role in providing a platform for free speech as invites are limited and exclusive. That’s the reason Club house is banned in countries like China where it became very famous in few days and topics which were against the Government were being discussed, which eventually resulted in it getting banned.

Club House is different from all the existing social networking sites, its actually opposite of other sites, Other sites in a way are more into connecting more people together but this app will only allow if you get a invite and the chat room automatically closes after the conversation ends and also it is audio chat only. In recent times Club House added a number of notable users, Here’s a list of notable people using this platform and their followers.

- Elon Musk 1.4M

- Mark Zuckerberg 747K

- 21 Savage 1.5M

- Drake 22.9k

- Meek Mil l2.2M

- Terry Crews 31.8K

- Michael Ovitz 9.9k

- Evan Williams 23.1k

- Soulja Boy 35.9k


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