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Facebook Polity

Back in the school days Facebook was considered cool and interesting, it was all about adding friends sharing pictures, tagging, and what not. As the days passed people started using it for different reasons and also the number of people using Facebook increased exponentially and it became powerful, it started tracking our moves and stole our information.

The transition from being excited to create a Facebook account to being scared of using it happened in a very short period of time. Face book is having the most valuable thing, which is information about people and that too without their knowledge. Now this information can be misused in so many ways, the most powerful way of misusing it is to use this information to manipulate public, spread hate speech, fake news and use it for political power.

Whatever I am saying is no news, the face book scandal was out so many times and the biggest of all was the Cambridge Analytica. The examples of Facebook stealing our information and selling it are never ending, closer home both the national parties used Facebook's data during elections , US elections was no exception either. The whole social media network is a very intricate web, all the sites are connected, just a click away to reach millions of people. But there are examples were this power was used for good reasons.

Political groups on Facebook are famous for spreading hate speech and disturbing the harmony. Maybe the new step taken by face book to reduce political content in few countries will result in positive results. Facebook as decided to reduce the distribution of political content for a small percentage of people in Canada, Brazil, Indonesia this week. News about COVID19 and from official government agencies is exempted from this. Let us all await and see the results of this survey, meanwhile we can be careful about our face book profiles and Agree to Disagree with each others opinion on the platform.


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