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TV Advertising powered by IPL 2021

The digital era today offers a variety of media platforms for entertainment through different screens and devices. Yet, television remains the most widespread entertainment platform in Indian households. Compared to other forms of media like radio, print, OOH, and digital media, TV has historically attracted and continues to attract a much higher audience base, with longer hours of engagement from a large, loyal viewer base each day

With the growing popularity of live TV programs like the Indian Premier League (IPL) that attract mass audiences of all ages, gender, and geographies, the game of TV advertising has completely changed. While most general entertainment category (GEC) programs attract specific audience demographics, IPL draws an ocean of diverse viewers to the TV screen under one roof, creating great opportunities for brands to reach out to new, unexplored audience groups.

IPL’s viewership on TV has been growing year-on-year, and with that, has the range of viewers. Earlier, advertisers had to utilize different GEC programs, accessing multiple touchpoints, to reach all categories of audiences on TV. Now, with IPL, the thrill of live broadcasts draw audiences of all demographics across the country together.

With the popularity of IPL on TV, brands from a plethora of industries, be it automobile, e-commerce, BFSI, or digital startups, will find ways to reach new audiences. And whether emerging brands or established ones, TV advertising is the most extensive platform for audience engagement. With a reasonable TV advertising investment with IPL, the ROI obtained from the audience engagement is significant.

Large companies have the opportunity to optimize their share of voice (SOV) on IPL ads by studying consumer behavior, customizing their ad content for regionalized feeds and audience groups, and in turn, improving OTS and brand recall.

Emerging brands and startups can leverage the 60 days of peak audience attention during IPL to gain significantly quick visibility among the masses across regions, thus building the initial familiarity among customers they need.

The impact from viewers' shift to digital platforms, especially during the covid-19 pandemic, notwithstanding, television as a medium is still expected to make a recovery in advertising by the end of 2020 and command revenue of ₹34,100 crores, up 6.5% year-on-year.

The return of original programming on general entertainment channels (GEC) and the advent of the Indian Premier League (IPL) season will help the platform’s recovery even as the rapid rise of digital media is expected to bring in revenue of ₹23,600 crores, according to a report by financial services company Edelweiss.

IPL will see advertisers chase eyeballs. This will be coupled with new product launches by consumer goods companies (like HUL that has launched over 50 health, hygiene and sanitization products during the lockdown) that anticipate a robust recovery in sales and especially eye the rural market.

Amid the rapid digitalization, TV continues to be a mogul of the advertising world. Brands need to strategically craft their presence on TV to reach the masses. And with live programs like IPL superseding everything else, advertisers have exposure to viewers at a level of granularity never explored before.


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